Who we are

SAT RIO MAYOR , is located in Caracenilla in High River valley and belongs to the province of Cuenca where he has always made ​​cheese.

Our modern facilities, functional, safe and hygienic, ensuring all health checks based primarily on product traceability.

In our company we are dedicated to making cheese by hand. The manufacture of cheese and the secrets of which we are aware are a valuable legacy left to us by the Roman culture and millennia has been passed from generation to generation and that we wanted to recover and preserve. We Cheese Rio Mayor La Ermita and are in Caracenilla. We serve our clients in the phone +34 969 272 649.

What we offer

We specialize in handmade pure sheep cheese.

Cheese is one of the world's most valued products and consumed according to FAO. Our professionalism and quality of the products we endorse.

Phone : +34 969 272 649 | Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  |   Carretera Huete - Cuenca, km 13 | 16540 CARACENILLA (Cuenca)